This is the LTFRB Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS) for Metro Manila registration system. Owners of vehicles who reside in Metro Manila may register their vehicle data and schedule an appointment through this site.

The appointments and registrations of all non-Metro Manila residents are considered invalid. These registrants would be rejected and would not be entertained when they come up to the LTFRB Office for their appointments.

The registration data are grouped into two parts. The Operator Owner Information contains all the data about the owner/operator registering his/her vehicle for the TNVS program. The Vehicle Information contains all the data about the vehicle being registered for the TNVS program.

All the data you input must be accurate and must match all the documents you would be presenting to the LTFRB Evaluators on your appointment. The Operator Information must match the government IDs you would be asked to present to the LTFRB. The Vehicle Data must match the LTO OR/CR documents. The name of the owner of the vehicle must match the Operator/Owner name.

Discrepancies between the data you input in this website and the official documents you present to the LTFRB would significantly delay your application process.

The process has three steps:

  1. Fill up the Operator and Vehicle Information
  2. Select an Appointment Date
  3. Input the Validation Code which was sent to the operator/owner email address
After you select an appointment date, our system would email a validation code to the email address you placed in the Operator Information sheet. This should arrive in your mailbox within 5 minutes at the latest. Open your email and copy and paste the validation code into the form provided in our website.

If you do not see the email within 15 minutes, please contact the tech support of your provider. Check that you provided us the correct email address. Also check your Junk/Spam/Trash folders where the email could have been mistakenly placed. Our email system is very reliable and the only way you would not receive it is if your provider blocks or delays the email (possibly thinking it is spam). We have no control over how your provider (mis)handles our email.

We only allow one application per email address.

Please read the TNVS Requirements for New CPC PDF document for more information.

NOTICE: This site undergoes routine system maintenance from 12 midnight to 1AM everyday. There is a high probability that transactions during this period would be lost or not accepted. Please plan accordingly and do not use the site during this period.

[Step 1 of 3] LTFRB TNVS Registration -- Data Input

(a) Please completely fill up the form. All the data are required.

(b) All information must match your supporting papers (OR/CR for vehicles) and government-issued IDs. Mismatches would significantly delay your progress during your appointment.

(c) Ensure that your email address is functional and has not exceeded the system quota. A validation code would be sent to your email address to complete this registration process. Because of the volume of email being sent to Yahoo users, Yahoo has significantly delayed the acceptance of email from our mail server. We discourage the use of a Yahoo email address because of the high risk that the validation email would not be delivered in time to complete this registration.

This site went live on 0800H of 17 December 2018. All data previous to this time were considered to be test data, were purged from the system, would not be considered for the application process.

Operator/Owner Information

Last Name
First Name
Middle Name
Date of Birth(YYYY/MM/DD)
Sex (M/F)
Mobile Number
Email Address (max 50 chars)

Vehicle Information

Plate Number or Conduction Number (choose one)
Make (e.g. Toyota Vios)
Model Year (YYYY)
Motor/Engine Number